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Adorable Baby Pandas Who Are Very Sleepy

Like human babies, baby pandas need lots of rest too! These little guys are no exception. As if tiny pandas aren’t already cute enough, they seem to be even cuter when they’re sleepy. Check out these GIFs of bear cubs sleeping, stretching, yawning, and well, just being plain adorable. What more did you want? 😉 Enjoy these cute animals!



10 Baby Pandas Who Are Very Sleepy (and Adorable)!


1. Ahhh, a tiny stretch for this sleepy newborn panda!





2. This young panda who’s too sleepy to barely stay up-right.





3. I think I’ll curl up and take a nap right… here.





4. It’s a rough life being a baby panda, but somebody’s gotta do it!





5. Could this teeny tiny panda be any cuter (or teeny tinier)?





6. Yes, this is a sleepy little panda in a pink basket. Please stop it right now, I can barely take the cuteness!






7. A cute and tiny stretch for a cute and tiny panda!





8. This young panda nodding off in a tree.





9. It’s a girl! All snuggled up in her pink little blankie, ready to take another nap.





10. I’m adorable, tiny, and sleepy. Good night!




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