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12 Cute Kittens That Deserve The “Cutest Sleeper” Award

Who doesn’t love eensy-weensy wittle kitties? What about cute kittens during their most peaceful (and adorable) moments of the day? That sounds like a big “aww-fest” to me. But you don’t have to take my word for it – look at these cute kittens yourself and decide. I have a feeling you’ll agree with me. Take a look at these little guys, and then have a great day!



Cute Kittens That Deserve “The Cutest Sleeper” Award


1. This One Who Curls Up Into The Cutest Little Kitten Ball.



2. This Eensy-Weensy Kitty Who Is Dreaming Away Peacefully.



3. This One Who Can Barely Keep Her Eyes Open, But Definitely Wants To.



4. This One Is So Tired, He Literally Can’t Stand Up Anymore!



5. These Cuddling Cute Kittens That Yawn In Sync.



6. This Mama Cat Who Pulls In Her Baby For Nap Time.




7. This One Who Has Found His Bliss During A Rest.



8. This One Who Gets Tucked In At Nap Time.



9. This Tiny Kitten Is So Tired, She Can Barely Stand Up – I Can Barely Stand How Cute She Is!



10. This Adorable Fluffy-Faced Fur-Ball.



11. I’m not sure this cat is a nominee for the “Cutest Sleeper” award, but definitely the “Most Relaxed” Sleeper!



12. This Kitty Looks Not Only Peaceful, But Like He’s Having A Blast In Dream World!