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Reasons You Should Never Give A Golden Retriever A Stick

What do golden retrievers like to do (besides being adorable, loyal, and playful)? They love to – you guessed it – retrieve things! It seems that a nice stick from the wild is just as good (or better) than any toy you could buy them – but, let them find it themselves. Turns out, they’re pretty good at it – who would have thought? 😉 But, be warned – you may not see them for the rest of the day. Here are examples of just how good these loyal companions are at retrieving branches of all sizes!


Mission accomplished for this expert fetcher!




Who needs anything else when you’ve got a field of grass and stick to chew on? We humans should be so easily satisfied!





An extra long branch complete with moss. Triple points!




Ahh, a perfect day lounging in the sun with a branch. Now, if only you would get out of my face with that camera!




Even the little ones can find branches to match their size!





It’s a big stick, but somebody’s gotta fetch it!




Action shot – golden retrievers make fetching look effortless!




Mom & Dad are sure going to be proud of me when they see this branch. My co-fetcher is right next to me in case I need help – Don’t worry, we’ve got this!




Ahh, a swim and a fetch. What could be a better day for a retriever?