Cute Animals

10 Animals So Cute You Just Want to Squeeze to Death

It’s not just you – believe it or not, not only do cute animals make you happy; but a scientific study published in Psychological Science in 2015 (conducted by Yale University) suggests that: “Extremely positive experiences produce intense positive emotions that often generate both positive expressions (e.g., smiles) and expressions normatively reserved for negative emotions (e.g., tears)”.

In other words, it’s totally normal to want to squeeze that adorable little puppy, bunny, or kitten to death. Have you ever heard the term “cute aggression”? Apparently, that’s a thing. According to the study, it could possibly be our body’s way of balancing the intense positive emotions when you see something extremely cute.

So, get your cute aggression out with these 10 animals that are so adorable that we just want to, well, squeeze to death (but not really, of course). 😊


1. This little guy is really squish-worthy.



2. These adorable shoe kittens peeking out at you.



3. I never want this tiny panda to outgrow his tiny hammock!


Source: Flickr


4. This pup in a cup.



5. I can’t take the fluffy and squishy this little fur-ball is!





6. This bunny that can fit in the palm of your hand.




7. Would you just look at that fluffy face?




8. This sweet little guinea.




9. This otter who was just enjoying his day, but was too cute not to attract the paparazzi.




10. This is one puppy I would definitely like to squeeze!