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13 Kittens Who Are Either Really Adorable or Really Want to Kill Me

Ahh, kittens. So cute, yet so sneaky! And well, kittens do turn into cats. And sometimes they certainly have their own agenda. Don’t get me wrong, I love cute kittens. But some of these ones… Well, they may just have their own agenda too.

Here are 13 kittens who are super adorable, or really just want to murder me in my sleep.


1. It looks like she is strangling that other cat and maybe wants to kill me, too… but she’s so cute, I just can’t tell.


2. Okay, now I can tell. She definitely wants to kill me.


3. Is that a sweet, clueless face or is he trying to hypnotize me with those adorable eyes so he can do away with me for good?

Source: Flickr


4. This little guy is just hiding in his own quiet place, right? Or he could be planning his next move to pounce when I least expect it.

Source: Flickr


5. This little one looks cute and pretty innocent. She is fixated, though… I hope she’s not stalking me…

Source: Flickr


6. This one is just yawning, but I still think it might want to kill me.


7. Those eyes, are so cute, blue, and… full of pure evil?


8. Is this a playful little fluff ball or are those the eyes of a cold-blooded murderer?


9. I think this grey guy is so cute and fluffy. But that absent look in his eyes is a little suspicious… I just don’t trust him…


10. This cutie looks pretty harmless. But again, those freakin’ eyes! Trying to mesmerize you with cuteness so they can do evil without your resistance.


11. Cute and tiny little kitty, with a cute and tiny little tongue. I hope he’s not a cute and tiny little killer.


12. I’m leaning towards the belief that this little kitten has it out to get me. So comfy in her bed, but do NOT bother her while she’s trying to rest. (Kind of looks like me in the morning…)


13. I’ll leave you with one that’s a bit cuter, and less frightening than some of the others. But then again, those are the ones you have to watch out for. 😉